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Cabinet Light

Cabinet Light is a wall lamp that is a hybrid of two ubiquitous typologies; interior domestic cabinetry and exterior sign cabinetry.

The Cabinet Light was inspired by familiar domestic cabinet typologies. Similar to a kitchen cabinet or medicine cabinet, it is a container, but instead of holding objects, it houses light.

Functionally, opening the doors of the cabinet activates the light. Reed switches inlayed into the cabinet frame are used to sense the doors movement. The user has the ability to control the amount of light released by manipulating the position of the doors.

The Cabinet Light is manufactured in North America by sign fabricators. The light is produced using sign cabinetry fabrication processes such as CNC and powder coating and is made from sign materials like Lexan, aluminum, and LEDS. The project is also meant to be an experiment in looking into ancillary fabrication network of sign fabricators as an alternative model to overseas furniture manufacturing.

Aluminum, lexan, LEDS, Powder coat paint

9.5 w x 20.5 h x 2.25

Exhibited at the AmDC event Use Me as part of the 2011 NoHo design district, located in NYC. As well as the Cranbrook group show One X One in Detroit, MI.

Fabrication credit: Robin Balton
Color and model credit: Lynette Klein


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